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Meet Your Hosts

Europa Tokani is a New Englander by way of the Outer Rim. A lifelong Star Wars fan, she's not ashamed to admit that she cried through building her very own lightsaber at Galaxy's Edge. Europa had an R2-D2 cake for her 9th birthday and would love one for her next birthday. She lives with her husband, two pets named after her husband's fandoms, and a growing collection of Star Wars stuff (Loya's not helping).

Loya Rowan spent her formative years on Kashyyyk before moving to the American Midwest. She retained her love of the forest and tendency to growl when upset, but as of yet, she has not ripped anyone's arms out of their sockets. She still regrets choosing the Dark Side in Knights of the Old Republic. Loya lives with her husband, Darth Brooks; an emotionally unstable kath hound; and a cat who lacks all sense of self-preservation. 

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